Eric Wynalda

A Quick Chat with the Atlanta Silverbacks’ Eric Wynalda


(Atlanta – GA / By Glenn Boylan)

As if living and raising a family in California, while serving as the Technical Director for the Atlanta Silverbacks, wasn’t enough to keep Eric Wynalda busy, he is also an announcer for Fox Soccer. After the Silverbacks’ preseason game against the University of South Carolina, just before he headed to the Atlanta airport to fly to Europe to cover Europa League games for Fox, I talked with Wynalda how the preseason is going so far for the Silverbacks, who are playing this season without a head coach.

 While we were trotting to his office under the stands at Silverback Park, I asked Wynalda how the no-head-coach process was working so far. “So far, so good. There are times when – seemingly – it looks erratic, but it really isn’t. The assistant coaches are doing a fantastic job.”

 He was grabbing a sweater for his upcoming plane ride as he explained that the short NASL preseason makes it difficult for to get ready for the season. “You could see today they [the Silverbacks] were tired. When the legs are tired sometimes it’s hard to find those little plays that result in goals.” The Silverbacks and Gamecocks tied 0-0, and Wynalda was quick to give credit to Coach Berson’s team, “South Carolina did a pretty good job of defending as a group.”

 I asked Eric if anything was harder than he expected it to be by not having a head coach for the team. “You should probably ask me that in about 4 weeks,” he replied. “Going back and forth and travel can make your life a little problematic. But I have a great staff that handles things when I’m not here. I always feel like things are under control.”

 He’s looking forward to the start of the regular season. “Pre-season’s tough,” Wynalda said, “I think once we get into a rhythm of games it will be easier for the guys.” And he’s also looking forward to being with his family over his children’s Spring Break, “My kids are coming out and they’ll be with me, which is nice.” Eric Wynalda: Technical Director, Announcer, Dad.


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